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What We Do

Sales Management Services

  • Education about retailer expectations
  • Work with you to establish sales objectives for all accounts
  • Develop plans to achieve each objective
  • Prepare solid business proposals for each objective
  • Work with the sales team to schedule timely meetings
  • Prepare and present all key sales presentations
  • Prepare sales call reports for all major sales meetings
  • Conduct business reviews for all retailers
  • Document results for timely follow-up with the buyer
  • Analyze shipment reports, POS and syndicated data (IRI)
  • Attend all major trade shows

Brand Management / Marketing

  • Product development
  • Pre-launch planning and consulting
  • Focus group studies
  • Packaging design
  • Category management
  • Competitive product and market analysis
  • Assistance with comprehensive marketing plans
  • Direct Response marketing consultation
  • Development of sales materials
  • Access to syndicated data (IRI) for most categories
  • FDA/FTC review services for product claims

Operational Support Services

  • Product development
  • Account specific forecasting
  • Recommendations on Policies & Procedures
  • Pro-forma financial modeling for all accounts
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Administration of all broker commission payments
  • Contract manufacturer selection process
  • Ingredients sourcing
  • 3PL referrals

Niche Products has a strong track record of delivering successful plans with proven execution for its client base of growth companies.

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